Sue Gilad

Balancing a career as a producer, a mother, and a professional proofreader, Sue Gilad is a living example that you can have full-time income without having a full-time job. Gilad began freelance proofreading to subsidize her acting career, and has proofread over 1,200 books.

Gilad’s proofreading endeavors evolved into copyediting and content editing, eventually becoming a full-service editing company. Her client roster of book publishers includes Random House, Simon & Schuster, John Wiley & Sons, St. Martin’s Press, Oxford University Press, Workman Publishing, and Kensington Publishing, among others.

Gilad’s seminar, Make Six Figures Reading Books, was the most popular non-celebrity Learning Annex class in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

She is the author of COPYEDITING AND PROOFREADING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley, April 2007).

Illustrating firsthand that proofreading can be profitable while allowing additional pursuits, Gilad is also a successful Tony Award-winning Broadway producer based in New York. Some of her theatre credits include Moulin Rouge!, Jagged Little Pill, The Other Josh Cohen, Angels in America, and The Great Comet.

Sue Gilad is also the co-author of THE REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE (McGraw-Hill, 2006).

Andrew Gitzy

Andrew Gitzy has been immersed in publishing for over ten years. He has played a primary role in the writing and editing of many English as a Second Language (ESL) materials for the adult and secondary markets. Most notably, as a Senior Development Editor at Cambridge University Press, he was the lead editor for the multimillion dollar course, New Interchange, which is the best-selling ESL series in the world.

Since beginning his successful freelance business, Gitzy has been writing, developing, and editing materials for many publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Pearson Education.