Gaining Experience as a Proofreader

Trying to establish yourself as a proofreader? Perhaps you need to add some cushion to your resume, but aren’t ready to take on a big-time New York publishing agency just yet. Take a swing at the opportunities right outside your front door, in your hometown.

Consider contacting your local hometown community centers, religious organizations, or libraries. Chances are, each organization uses some form of digital or print publication. You can lend your newfound proofreading skills to any or all of them.

Another place to start rests just at your fingertips. Jump on Facebook and search for a group or community page in your town. Join some of these groups, and post that you would be happy to read over the community center’s monthly newsletter or the local peewee baseball team’s Instagram posts. These smaller organizations will more times than not be thrilled to take advantage of your skills. By building from small organizations upwards, you can gain legitimate proofreading experience while remaining in your comfort zone.

Of course, if you want to be truly savvy, you can expand from local to international by using the internet. Choose your favorite topic, find leaders and companies that align with your interests, and go searching for errors on their websites and social media. The minute you find an error, you have legitimate cause to reach out and build a relationship. Our Paid To Proofread graduates have found their greatest successes in this way. Here’s to following your passions!

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